Why Are Roses So Expensive on Valentine's Day?

Have you ever wondered why your wallet feels significantly lighter after buying roses for your sweetheart on Valentine's Day? 

There’s a reason (or few) for that, so let's dig in and unravel the mystery behind why roses become as precious as gold when Cupid is in town.

Supply and Demand – The Old Chestnut

Let's start with the most obvious factor – supply and demand. It's economics 101: on Valentine's Day, the demand for roses skyrockets, and florists often struggle to keep up. Everyone wants to show their love with the classic symbol of romance – a beautiful bouquet of red roses.

And here's the kicker – roses aren't instant products. They need a good six to seven weeks to grow properly. So, when everyone is clamouring for roses simultaneously, growers need to work double-time to keep up with this demand, leading to higher costs.

The Valentine's Day Rush

The cost isn't just about the roses themselves. The surge in demand means a corresponding surge in work. Growers, wholesalers, and retailers need more staff and transportation to handle the Valentine's Day rush. And guess what? Those extra costs also contribute to your roses' final price tag.

The Weather Factor

Roses, like all plants, are heavily dependent on weather conditions. Most roses sold in Australia are also imported from countries where the climate allows for year-round growth. 

However, weather can be unpredictable, and any changes can impact the growth of the flowers, potentially causing a supply shortage and driving up prices.

The "Luxury" Angle

Finally, let's talk about perception. 

Roses are seen as a luxury symbol, especially on Valentine's Day. People are generally willing to pay more to express their love in a grand way. Florists know this and often raise their prices in response to this trend.

So there you have it – the story behind the steep prices for roses on Valentine's Day. It's a perfect storm of high demand, increased labour and transportation costs, unpredictable weather, and our perception of roses as a symbol of luxury and love.

Does this mean you should forgo the roses this Valentine's Day? 

Of course not! But it's always good to know the reasons behind the price tag. 

Or, you could go against the grain and opt for a different, less conventional flower, or even an everlasting box of roses instead. 

Not only are they a symbol of timeless love and commitment, but they're also a practical and beautiful alternative. Imagine gifting your sweetheart a stunning bouquet of roses that won't wilt away in a week but stay vibrant and fresh for a year or more.

Everlasting roses are also expertly preserved to maintain their beauty, making them a gift that truly keeps on giving. 

Who knows? Your sweetheart might just appreciate the unique twist on the Valentine's Day tradition!